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Established in 2015, Know Hope has evolved from being a Social Enterprise focused on streetwear; into an umbrella brand that combines the know-how and experience of freelance designers, marketers, and creators.

The 'Hope Family' consists of:

  •  Know Hope  - Branding Services, PR & Web Design

  • Hope Dealers - Merch Pop Up Store

  • Hope & Wish Productions - Our multimedia arm, specializing in video production 

  • The Good Vibe Tribe - Our CIC, focused on health & wellbeing 

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Our Work

Know Hope - Website Design

Click on the gallery to see our recent

portfolio of website design work.

Know Hope - Social Media Assets & Audit

Click on our gallery to view some of the digital campaigns we have designed & audited 


Click our video below to view a showreel of video production commissions. 

Hope & Wish - Production Show Reel 

Good Vibe Tribe - Podcast

Click below to view our original Podcast - The Good Vibe Tribe produced by Hope & Wish